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We are proud of each and every member that is a part of our community. Everyone has their goals, their reasons why, but more importantly everyone has their story to tell. Fitness journeys come in many different shapes and sizes, they each have their hits and misses, but the common factor with all these stories at RBT are that they have results. Whether your goal be as simple as doing a full pushup, to completely transforming your body, we want to hear your story. Below are some of those stories that a few of our members have chosen to share with us.

Lauren Ianelli


The thing that was my biggest motivator was turning 30, I said to myself, ‘my gosh, I really need to do something about my health and fitness’; I really wanted to make a difference. I generally wasn’t happy with where my life was sitting, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, not particularly confident and just felt like life was a bit like groundhog day, I knew in my mind I needed to make a change.

Initially I had seen some of RBT’s stuff on Facebook, seeing some transformations and decided to go in with a mindset of ‘What have I got to lose!’ I met the coaches and they were really friendly, and were genuine with working out with me what my goals were and working with me, what I had to do to achieve those goals. It was a different experience to a ‘normal gym’ there’s not rows of treadmills, people staring at themselves in the mirror, it was more of a community rather then somewhere where you are on your own. It’s definitely a family atmosphere!

I’ve been here now for just up to a year and have so far lost 8 kilos on the scales, lost 10% body fat and lost 50cm off my body! Clothes shopping which was once something that I really did not enjoy has changed, I can walk into a store, can pick something out and say ‘yep, that’s going to fit’, and feel confident that I can wear anything. Life doesn’t feel like groundhog day anymore……



I have been training at RBT for almost 3 years now and I still love every minute of it.But unfortunately due to ongoing back issues I had to take a break from it. It was really hard to give it up. It was the highlight of my day training with those guys and the awesome trainers pushing Me to my limits. But it was just something I had to do. I lost my way a little bit towards the end of last year and put on a few extra kilos and was feeling pretty down about myself. At this point I weighed 88 kg.

I then got put on a personalised rehabilitation program from one of the awesome trainers at RBT for 2 months. I wasn’t allowed to even touch a barbell during this phase, So I worked on my conditioning and fixing my structural issues. I was also given a full meal plan including my daily calorie allowance and my macro break down. I also got introduced to the my fitness pal app which was really helpful in tracking what and how much I ate, and also for tracking my macros. It was really starting to work and I had lost 5 kg by February and was feeling good about myself again and more importantly injury and pain free.

At this point I was given a new personalised weight lifting programme and a whole new meal plan and really began to see the results. After fixing my back problems I was lifting better than ever and with the help I was getting from the team at RBT I was now more focused than ever on hitting my goals. As the weeks past and the work load in my programmes got upped the results were getting better and better. The guys had my nutrition spot on and I stuck to the plan and it worked.

I really love training at RBT not just because of the amazing facility and the buzz that there is in the gym, the trainers who are second to none and constantly go above and beyond to help us hit our goals, but also the people training in the gym. Everyone interacts with each other and everybody is on their own journey and willing to help push each other towards their goals. They are not just there to motivate and push us but also to educate us. I to have learnt so much about training and proper nutrition since I have started at RBT. Through countless seminars, mobility and stretching sessions and from the trainers themselves on a daily basis. It has even gotten me so interested in the fitness industry that I have decided to do my own PT course which I start next month through RBT.

I’m not going to say that this journey was an easy one and I did hit my share of speed bumps along the way, but it was defiantly worth it. But through the constant support and guidance of the team I really did smash my goals and I’m now in what I consider, the best shape of my life. These guys are highly trained professionals at the top of their game and if you stick to plan it will work and if you don’t and you lie to yourself it won’t, simple as that.



I needed to make a change to my life. I Saw an ad on Facebook and saw some of the success stories at RBT South Melbourne, I thought RBT North could help make that change. Being welcomed to a team of great people ready to drive and motivate me, helped me get that kickstart towards my goals. Never would have expected it to have achieved these results in such a relatively short space of time.

The training sessions offered by RBT are easily implementable in my daily routine; There are no extreme measures taken in terms of eating, just eating clean and smart which allows me to enjoy normal food; Solid advice from industry professionals covering all training and nutrition.

It’s a place where you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. The overall atmosphere and the great people that work at RBT

I would definitely recommend Mark and his team. Having someone behind you and motivating you makes a real difference and fast tracks results. There is a friendly team environment present and all trainers and members are easy to get along with. Since training with RBT I have achieved all of my health goals; losing weight getting fit etc. But the change in my own confidence and self-esteem has been immeasurable!



After training intensely 6am-8pm 5 days a week for four years and not getting anywhere and even putting on more weight I needed a change. In 12 weeks I had not only dramatically changed physically, but also mentally. There is not one aspect of RBT that I can pin point as being the best. The trainers are far from traditional as their externes of knowledge extends further than I have ever known any trainer. Their attention and extreme focus on technique has allowed my injuries (burst L4 and L5 disc, No ACL or medial meniscus left knee) have gone unscathed and unagitated. The environment of comaradery and support is something I never believed would’ve been possible in a fitness studio.

The hardest part was to unlearn everything i had ever been told about dieting and nutrition. I quickly learned that I had never eaten enough food and it was amazing to find out that i now had to eat approximately four times more than what i had been in order to lose weight, which had gone against almost everything i had ever known. I can’t imagine ever going back to a conventional gym ever again. I am grateful for my trainers and most of all Michelle Lee who has helped me become something I never though I physically would be….at the ripe old age of 32 I am in the best physical and mental condition I have ever been in in my life. there is no better feeling than knowing that whatever I want to achieve (no matter how crazy it may sound) will be achievable with this crew.



Joining RBT was the best decision I have ever made with regards to achieving my health and fitness goals.

I love turning up each and every morning and pushing myself to break through my physical and mental limits with the rest of the group. The positive vibe and camaraderie that I was introduced to makes all the pain and sweat worth it. In my first week someone actually encouraged me and I thought “this place is bloody weird” as I’d only ever worked out at regular gyms where it was every man for himself. I genuinely believe that every member in the group gets just as much joy in seeing others achieve their goals as they do their own. That’s before mentioning the trainers who ride every high and low together with you.

The time and knowledge that they put into every person’s individual plan (training/technique/nutrition/various queries) is extraordinary and a real point of difference from anywhere that I’ve trained before. When friends and colleagues ask me what I’ve been doing and what it is like I find it difficult to explain but basically I feel like the key/formula to achieving my goals are being handed to me on a platter. All I need to do is train hard listen to the advice that is being given to me and have fun!! 4 months in and I couldn’t be any happier to be a part of the RBT family.



I Started my journey with Result Based Training (RBT) in January and let me just say the proof is in the name before you enter the gym. After a year off from almost any weight training, running and only doing little activities due to sustained injury I decided to take back control of my life and what I loved the most, training hard and staying fit and healthy.

From the outset I felt right at home with all the team at Result Based Training, they tailored my training to suit me and my injuries and since that first day I have not looked back with their guidance, advice and coaching in all areas from training, technique and diet. RBT has given me a vest for life that had long been forgotten, my back injuries are a thing of the past and my energy levels and confidence have grown beyond belief. The result over the 8 week transformation where amazing. I started out at 94Kg with 21% body fat with a goal to reduce my body fat to a realistic 10%. With RBT’s support and guidance I achieve every bit of this goal and more.

The more results I saw each week the more driven and motivated I became! With such great trainers by your side helping and guiding the groups progress, how can you really expect not to be motivated?! All the trainers share the passion and zest for training and life. They motivate you and give you the tools you need to live a better and healthier life no matter what your desired goal in this gym are. With such a support team behind you and best team around, don’t wait to start, get in and get the work done because it is the best feeling regaining back a life of passion and achieving / smashing your goals!

I recommend RBT to anyone looking to take control of the future!!! GO RBT!!!

Sam Assaad

From a ‘normal gym’ to the stage

Everything I thought I knew about training was thrown out the moment I stepped into RBT.

I used to throw around the heaviest weights, eat constant takeaway because I was a “gym goer”. I was flat, fat and didn’t value my health. RBT’s trainers, environment and philosophy are second to none. When I had signed up to the 12 week programme I was educated on the techniques of every body part we were training, the crew’s support was comforting, our nutrition was monitored and they constantly kicked our asses and had zero tolerance for excuses ensuring results… than I signed up for another 12 weeks. My weekly progress of muscle gain, fat loss and saying hello to my abs for the first time in 25 years got me addicted!!! Everything in my life had changed not only am I happier and healthier I just competed in my first ever physique competition. So happy RBT was the pinnacle support of my journey to health and fitness.

Without the support of the competent trainers at RBT i never would have experienced this. They have honestly changed my entire attitude to fitness.

I have better body acceptance than ever before, not just due to the aesthetic changes (i’m definitely looking better), but an overall appreciation for what my body is capable of. I’m excited for the active life that is now ahead of me, and to see how far i can go to sculpt the body of my dreams, and lift amazing amounts of weight.

Thanks RBT!