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Travis Jones

Head Coach

From the age of five, TJ was a passionate fitness fanatic.

He started out in Fitness First Perth, but soon advanced to running his own Fitness First franchises to managing over 70 personal trainers and overseeing 46 boot camp locations Australia-wide.

From 2004 onwards TJ moved around Australia, managing Fitness First gyms in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. In 2010 he moved overseas to Toronto, North America, where he trained under elite coaches with Good Life gym, discovering the fastest and safest techniques to create rapid fat loss and body transformations.

In 2011, after extensive fitness and nutrition training, TJ returned to Australia with the skills and knowledge to open his own specialist body transformation gym, Result Based Training Australia and develop his result based training program.

TJ lives by the motto ‘dream as if you’d live forever and live as if you’ll die today’. After ten years industry experience TJ is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Michelle Lee

Head Coach – Hawthorn

Michelle (or Mich) has always had an interest in health and fitness from a young age and was a keen runner for many years and has completed 9 marathons and various endurance events.

It wasn’t until 2010 when she discovered her love for weight training in the gym whilst she was, as most women do, getting in top shape for her wedding day and the desire to look fabulous in a wedding dress.

Mich wanted to share this love for weight training with others and whilst training as a member at RBT in South Melbourne she qualified as a personal trainer. She commenced working and continued training at RBT in South Melbourne, and progressed to the Manager role at South Melbourne after leaving the corporate world in April 2012 after over 10 years working in Accounting/Banking to pursue her dream of helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Mich is now the proud co-owner of RBT Hawthorn East, as well as a mum to a baby boy Baden born in December 2013. She continued to train well into her pregnancy and can offer first hand advice based on her own experiences to any mums-to-be and new mums on how to keep fit during pregnancy and ways to get back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Mark Sketchley

Head Coach- North Melbourne

Mark’s background in competitive sport led him into the health and fitness industry, where he has been working as a personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, Biosignature practitioner and mentor for over 9 years.

Mark is also a PICP and ASCA strength & conditioning coach. Mark works with a broad range of people from athletes to regular personal training clients and uses his extensive knowledge in fitness and conditioning to get them optimal results.

In 2013 Mark and Travis have combined their knowledge, understanding, and passion for changing people’s lives by body transformations and opened up Result Based Training North Melbourne.

Ben Cant

Coach/Personal Trainer – South Melbourne

Ben has a passion for helping people enrich their lives with optimal wellbeing and fitness. He completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology in 2004.

He currently holds the Mr Australia and Mr Victoria title with NABBA and recently came 3rd in WFF Mr World competition.

Ben believes in a balance of mind, body and spirit and currently promotes this balance in his nutrition coaching and personal training.

Callum Pitts

Coach/Personal Trainer – Airport West

Ever since doing work experience in his local gym at the age of 16 Callum has been obsessed with training. Callum has been a Personal Trainer for over 7 years and has worked with and been trained by some of the best in the business in kickboxing, boxing, functional training and strength and conditioning.

Callum’s energy and drive comes seeing his clients smash goals and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Callum specializes in transformation training using a mix of strength, functional and kickboxing/boxing techniques.

Hafiz Omar

Coach/Personal Trainer – South Melbourne

Hailing from eastern Borneo, Sabah. Hafiz or ‘H’ as he is better known as, graduated from his bachelor degree in sports science 4 years ago. H is currently an ASCA (Australian Strength & Conditioning Associated) level 1 coach. As a former rugby player, H’s interest in strength training are unimaginable.

H is specialises in strength and conditioning, weight loss, glute training development, bodybuilding and powerlifting training.

H’s believe in hard work and discipline will give you results. H’s motto is “strive to be a stronger version of yourself”.

Kate Bethune

Coach/Personal Trainer – Hawthorn

Kate has long had an interest in exercise and health through her interest in a variety of sports from a young age. Kate has been competitively involved in netball, rowing, tennis, athletics and cross country over the years, which led to her completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports science at Deakin University, majoring in physical activity and health.

Since coming to Result Based Training in 2012, Kate has been an integral part of the team, not only in training her clients and helping them achieve great results, she has also worked closely with management to develop and implement systems and programs for the gym.

Frank Bartone

Coach/Personal Trainer – Hawthorn

With over four years’ experience in the fitness industry, Frank has been able to achieve great success working with a wide array of clientele varying from national level athletes to individuals who have never done any form of exercise. Frank’s strengths include improving athletic performance and advanced weight loss.

Frank has a thirst for knowledge and has completed six diploma and certificate courses related to fitness and has had the opportunity to travel interstate to learn from some of the top fitness professionals worldwide. Frank is currently in his final year of an Exercise and Sport Science Bachelor and Sports Therapy Degree

In 2013 Frank was selected to take part in an AIS training program for the development of athletes in boxing for future selection and is currently doing work with Melbourne Storm.

Aristotle Hua

Coach/Personal Trainer – North Melbourne

Aristotle has always had an interest for fitness and the human body. This interest has grown into a passion, he strongly believes in a science based approach when it comes to training. He has used this passion to complete a Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences, where he majored in the area of human biology. His interests also include competitive sports, with him playing gridiron (western crusaders football) and basketball on a regular basis.

For the last 2 years his training has allowed him to develop in strength, power, speed and overall fitness performance.

If you want to be stronger, fitter, fast, Aristotle will help reach your goals.

Adam Fisher

Coach/Personal Trainer – North Melbourne

Adam has always had a passion for sports. Growing up he participated in Football, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball and Gridiron.

His passion and knowledge of strength & conditioning and rehab training began through personal experiences with his own rehabilitation from multiple knee reconstructions as a result of sport injuries.

Through strength training with Adam, clients will see improvements in athletic development, changes to body composition and injury prevention.

If you want to get into the best shape of your life Adam’s your man.

Sarah Cann

Coach/Personal Trainer – North Melbourne

Sarah’s love for dance led her to the health and fitness industry. She began weight training to build strength and endurance for competitive dance, but discovered a passion that changed the course of her life. Leaving a double degree of engineering and commerce, Sarah is now studying exercise science (human movement) and psychological studies, with a desire to deeply understand both body and mind.

Completing an internship with and joining the team at RBT North Melbourne, Sarah is dedicated to supporting and motivating clients as they strive to reach their goals.


Joe Doyle

Coach/Personal Trainer – Online

Joe has always played in competitive sports whilst growing up. It wasn’t until upon finishing high school that his passionate love for subjects like Outdoor Ed and Physical Education helped him decided that he wanted to become a Personal Trainer.

An opportunity arose for Joe to work in Healthy Life (health food store) where he could help other’s which is something he loves doing most. Years of experience with supplement’s and health related products gave him the knowledge to helping people with their weight loss goals and optimal health in all areas.

Working alongside people like Naturopaths and Nutritionists gave Joe a further understanding of the terms natural and the importance nutrition and herbal medicines can play in the human body.

As an online coach, Joe’s caring attitude and his approach is dedicated to supporting and motivating clients as they strive to reach their goals.

Reece Tuohey

Coach / Exercise / Sports Scientist – Collingwood 2IC

Reece Battled with his weight until his 20’s were he began to really excel in strength training and making dramatic lifestyle changes he lost 35kg. He took this new love for health and fitness one step further by completing his undergraduates degree in Exercise / Sports Science and is still studying his Masters in Strength & Conditioning at the world class Edith Cowan University in Perth.

Reece believes the benefits of exercise branch way beyond just the physical changes you receive and instils this with all his clients. When your mind and body are in sync there is no limits to what you can achieve.

Anh Huynh

Coach – North Melbourne

Anh has a strong passion for all forms of human movement and physical performance. He is interested in gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, circus arts and martial arts.
Anh has completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement as well as Certificates III and IV in Fitness. Other courses include SFG Kettlebells Level 1, Ido Portal Movement-X and Powerlifting Big 3 Lifts with Powerlifter John Paul Cauchi.
Prior to working at RBT, Anh was a gymnastics coach for Level 1 Boys. He has also competed in strongman competitions. Having experience in a wide array of specific interests, Anh has developed a unique knowledge toolbox to cater to your goals with a strong focus on strength, mobility and better movement function.

Andrew Almond

Coach – Collingwood

Since a Young age Andrew has been competing in powerlifting competitions across the country, placing 1st in the Australian National championship.

Andrew’s heavy lifting compliments his main passion of bodybuilding and he will be competing in NABBA juniors early 2016.
Andrew uses his own experiences in strength development and bodybuilding to help his client’s get the best results. Andrew’s knowledge of supplementation and nutrition makes him an excellent competition preparation and transformation coach.
If you want to take your body to the next level, Andrew will show you the way


Karl Toce

Coach – Blackburn

Karl is passionate about the use of exercise as a tool for achieving overall health and wellbeing and the holistic approach that it encompasses. He has worked with a large scope of clientele from novice first time lifters to sub elite/elite level athletes and has a real love for S&C and athletic development particularly in juniors.
He has completed a Bachelor in exercise and health science and is currently completing a masters of exercise science. His want to continue to develop his knowledge and practical application to then better impart this to his clients is second to none. Thru utilising a science based approach he is able to cater and individualise to the specific needs of each individual to better maximise their training response.

Garry Abraham

Head Coach – Collingwood

Since a very early age, Garry has been very active playing almost every sport at a competitive level, excelling in Football (Soccer). Playing and coaching at a semi-professional level in the WA State league till the age of 30.
After his own body transformation, Garry’s drive and passion in sports and exercise motivated him to pursue a career in health and fitness.
Garry believes in living a healthy strong life both physically and mentally, improving his client’s quality of life and building tomorrows you, today!


Silvester ‘Sly’ Tan

Coach – Hawthorn

Having worked in several industries, corporate, hospitality, real estate, entertainment and fitness, Sly saw one thing to have always stood out: you are ALL FULL of excuses.
Sly’s interests and experiences are spread throughout bodybuilding, gymnastics/tumbling/circus arts, Olympic lifting, mobility, lifestyle, nutrition, bio-chemistry and mindset training to name a few. Following extracts of his idols, to sum it all up Sly simply calls it “movement” as movement encompasses everything.
Forever driven to push boundaries Sly has a no BS approach in educating clients to master their mind in order to become the best they can possibly be, inside and out.


Head Coach – Blackburn

Ryan is 25 and has been a coach for over three years. Since an early age Ryan has always been a competitive athlete and spent many years pushing his body to the limit and creating a foundation on which a love for health and fitness was created. Ryan’s motto is “movement is life”, without movement you cannot change and grow and this can apply to all aspects of life.

Ryan believes strongly in creating a strong body that moves effiently and free from injury and with that aesthetics will follow. His areas of specialality are strength and conditioning, kettlebells, and athletic development.

“we only have one life and one body so we must do our best to make it strong and healthy so it can carry us through life”

Stacie van Oorschot

Coach – Collingwood

Stacie is a Victorian Fitness Academy qualified Personal Trainer. Her passion for fitness started out with running and quickly progressed to weight training. The passion soon turned into a challenge as she competed in INBA figure in 2014.

Stacie went back to compete again in 2015 and placed 4th in the Victorian titles.
Her experiences as a bodybuilder has given her a unique understanding of nutrition, training and discipline. In addition to this, her experience in the fitness industry coaching & mentoring clients has enabled Stacie to develop the skills to help others realise and achieve their fitness dreams.
She has set herself some extraordinary goals for the upcoming year, if you want to achieve your fitness goals with expert guidance and quality training Stacie is the trainer for you.