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Result Based Training Novi is located at Units C-150 and C180, 39810 Grand River Avenue, Novi, Michigan & is the first Result Based Training location in the USA.

Our gym in Novi has been open since November 2015 and similar to our other locations, specialises in Body Transformations and semi private personal training sessions with our great team of experienced Personal Trainers and Transformation Coaches.

Our facility caters for all fitness levels, right from beginners, to weekend warriors to athletes and to the most experience ninjas. We are able to tailor training programs for you and pride ourselves in our name and getting you the results you seek and deserve.



Units C-150 and C180, 39810 Grand River Avenue,

Novi, Michigan 48375



Google Maps ADDRESS:

39810 Grand River Avenue, # 150

Novi, MI 48375

What to Expect at our Novi Gym

Curious what our workouts are like at Result Based Training? Here is a short video showcasing the smallest sample of one of our workouts. This video is not particular to our Novi location but will give you a great idea of how challenging, fun, and group oriented our workouts are.