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What type of training will i be doing at RBT?

Predominantly, you will be doing strength and conditioning training. Strength training or lifting weights is the most effective way to help with a change of body composition. We utilise different methods of training and periodisation, to make sure that you get the most out of your sessions with us.

I have never lifted weights before, will strength training be suitable for me?

Yes, our coaches are experienced in ensuring that programs and sessions can be progressed and regressed, depending on your individual needs and goals. A periodised training program is also followed, factoring in different phases of training, assessment and recovery; making sure we break through plateaus, hit personal bests and continue to make progress towards your goals.

As a female will I get bulky from lifting?

No. Females are not hormonally or chemically primed for muscle gain. Lifting will help improve muscle tone, body composition and aesthetics.

Am I fit enough?

We cater for all fitness levels and training experience; we can adjust programs and exercises accordingly.


Why do I need to eat the amount of food you prescribe?

We will provide you with an individualised nutritional framework. We ask you to hit your daily macronutrient targets (Fats/Carbs/Protein) to make sure you are nutritionally supporting yourself for training, recovery and day to day life. We focus on creating metabolic flexibility, by establishing your base metabolic rate, which will make it easier to hit your goals.

Should I eat before training?

It is individual to you. Some can, some can’t. It can also depend on what phase of nutrition you are on, you don’t want to train full or depleted, find your balance and what work’s for you.

What supplements should I take?

Before taking any supplementation, you must ensure that you get your foundations of nutrition and training right first. Speak to your coach once you have, and we can recommend strategies for you, along with a consultation with your healthcare professional.

You're not going to tell me to have 'meal-replacement' shakes are you?

No. Our nutritional framework and advice is centred on you eating wholefoods. We also want you to enjoy some ‘treat’ food occasionally, like a couple of squares of chocolate, or a glass of wine, every now and then, but 90% of your nutrition should be those wholefoods that we were designed to consume.


How long is my membership?

It is on an Individual basis, you are here to reach your goal, but it is also a lifestyle change. It typically takes someone 24-36 weeks to achieve his or her health and fitness goals.

Is a 45 minute session long enough?

Yes, 45 minutes is sufficient time. We make sure that you’re working at the right intensity during the session to get you the best results regardless of your fitness levels